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Examples of Complex Sentences


By Nico Rodriguez

Limping slowly back to his cold, dark lonely cave, the golden brown African lion held his scared head up high, like a fearless warrior, full of pride, after a long bloody fight.

Most of All

By Juan Sanchez

Most of All As they grow, they sit attached to an umbilical cord for nine months. But they’re not wanted so they are killed at once. They were created in a passionate love. Now they await their death in a puddle of blood. These creations don’t mean to bother. So that doesn’t give you the right to have them slaughtered. I wonder what goes through your head. At first you wanted them, and now you want them dead. What destiny is there to follow if you don’t give them a choice? After you kill them, long after there death, you’ll still hear there voice. Your heart will hear your baby crying out, “Mama!” You’ll suffer more after they are dead with a great deal of karma. Killing ain’t always the solution. You gotta believe and don’t let your bad thoughts win in this confusion. You gotta fight for what’s right Have faith in God and he’ll show you the light. Remove the blur that’s covering your sight, and begin to see. No one should have the right to say who dies, but their destiny. I thank my parents even though we didn’t have money. They still didn’t think of aborting me. So appreciate life to the fullest extent, and beyond. Cuz immortal technique said that you never know what you got until it’s gone. Blown off the face of the earth like a nuclear bomb, life wasn’t meant to be calm. I appreciate every thing in life from friends to family, but most of all I love my Mom.
Tears on My Bed

Marilyn V

Crying on my bed, the dark tears impede my clear memories. I feel confused. I feel so strange. Every single thing is odd in my young and pink mind. I can not see the same things that I saw before I arrived. I have cried a lot. I think that I am forgeting my memories. I try to watch through the window, but I can not see anything. Maybe my absurd and dark tears do not let me see yet, and my Spanish words can not help me clear them. I can not see, but I can hear. I am listening with new and warm words, nevertheless, still confused, still crying on my bed. The time has passed. I begin to feel better. I do not know the reason. Like an arrow, an affectionate feeling through my mind that I can not quite see, but I always feel. And I feel love. My family is with me, And my Mexican friends will never forget me. It is now that I know, that my memories are not in the cool things that I watch. My prized memories are, thank God, fixed in my intense heart. I do not cry anymore on my bed. I guess that the warm English words have dried my tears.

Blanca Villa

Looking for food under the ground - to escape - a man works everyday, like a monster creature, scared of the dark.

Ana B

Like wings of a bird, the waves came crashing down on the beach.

Sarahi V

Feeling destroyed, walking rapidly down the street, crying like rain, Laura saw the moon.

Ana Benitez

Walking slowly, eating chocolate chip cookies that looked like dalmations, Laura stayed inside the house.

Juan V
Walking quickly beside my enormous, pimpled-faced friend
below the dark narrow bridge,
hiding from the killing monsters, like in a different world,
we found the boat.


Sticks and stones can break my bones but love will just confuse me. Confusion makes a wretched connection with the brain tissue, which results in a headache. Like a pin drop of rain, so pure to tease. Its odd how a woman goes back to the same beginning hoping for change when all she finds is pure déjà vu. Only that is not déjà vu anymore; it's repetitive memories which re-enact because the woman let's it happen once more. Love is what humans like to feel and receive from others, but love comes with its hurt, and with its lust. Love is all we desire; love makes one's world go round. It stings like a bee out of its hive. It makes you realize that it was air you were inhaling all your life. It's the natural high and the natural low.

Released from the troublesome child's grasp, the small green-eyed
calico cat, who had been mistaken for a typical stuffed animal,
sprinted hastily like a frightened rabbit, out through the half-
opened window on the far side of the colorful room, and climbed as
fast as its paws could take it, into the safety of a nearby cherry
blossom tree, where it soon disappeared into the thick blanket of
small pink leaves, and thick broken branches.

-Michelle Gonzalez

Maurico Badillo 
The ugly cat walked quickly down the street into the neighborhood to find his delicious food to eat decently like a gentlmen. 

Jose Barba
Hearing cannon blasts through the air, like thunder echoing
through a valley, the brave continental soldiers marched toward the
resistant red coats, like fog covering a forest."Batalion halt" sounded
like echoes in the grand canyon. The command "Present arms" was given on
both sides. Soliders  waited anxiously for the command "Open Fire" like
young lions hiding, waiting for its prey. The command "Open fire" was
given. Shots  fired. Men fell like drizzle in a mist.

Date: Thu Oct 30, 2003 2:46pm
Subject: Diana Quezada Per 5

   Barking his lungs out, the furious, ugly dog rolled eagerly like a 
tumbleweed into the dark, cloudy beach.

Date: Thu Nov 6, 2003 9:12pm
Subject: Diamond - Sean Shirley

Being driven mad by heat, the injured, three-legged dog crawled 
determinedly to a moistened beach, trying to escape the smoldering 

Date: Thu Nov 6, 2003 9:27pm
Subject: Re: Diana Quezada Per 5

Barking his lungs out, the furious ugly dog rolled eagerly like a 
tumbleweed into the dark, cloudy beach.

I like the"barking his lungs out" and"rolled... into the... beach" 
gives a clear, mental image of the dog's appearance. 
Good job Diana!! o.O

Weeping nonstop, the small blue bird sang sadly by the old, leafless 
tree, while his tears slid down his blue, puffy cheeks, like water 
falling off a fountain.

With a firece look in his eyes, the courageous dog wandered slowly to the 
dark and stormy beach.

Date: Wed Nov 19, 2003 3:36pm
Subject: Mario Aguirre

Swinging his bloody head slowly around like a frightened baby 
surrounded by gory monsters, the cranky dog stumbled madly to the 
stormy beach, like a mummy coming back from the dead.

Date: Mon Nov 24, 2003 9:11pm
Subject: diamond sentence

Ignoring the humid rain, the anxious dog quickly ran like a child in a 
playground onto the rough, sandy beach to play with the blue, 
crystalline waves.

Date: Tue Nov 25, 2003 4:45pm
Subject: Jorge Aguero/ Diamond/Per 3

The cautious cat looked into the pitch black night and disappeared into 
the darkness to escape from the three-headed dog from Hell.

Date: Tue Nov 25, 2003 4:52pm
Subject: Jorge Aguero / diamond / Per 3

On my jet fighter, I flew across the desert feeling free, like an 
American Eagle soaring in the sky representing freedom.

Date: Tue Nov 25, 2003 4:58pm
Subject: Jorge Aguero/ diamond/ Per 3

As I wrestled my last match, I suddenly felt like a Grizzly Bear, 
roaring, ready to go for the kill, and be victorious.

Date: Wed Nov 26, 2003 7:41am

Destroying everything in its path, like an angry hurricane, the dirty dog 
was trying to get away from his enemies.

Date: Wed Nov 26, 2003 7:58am

This diamond is very interesting; I like the way it said that this 
person felt like an angry Grizzly Bear.

Date: Wed Nov 26, 2003 1:47pm
Subject: from Alex Gober/Per 6

Being on his own, the abandoned dog moped slowly, like a turtle on the 
beach, wanting to be held by a caring family.

Minding his business, the escaped dog drifted cautiously like a 
burglar down the dark, shadowed street to escape his abusive keeper.

Date: Fri Oct 31, 2003 1:43pm
Subject: Jose Barba

Hearing cannons blast through the air like thunder echoing through
a valley, the brave continental soldiers marched towards the resistant
red coats like fog covering a forest.


Date: Tue Nov 4, 2003 8:15pm
Subject: Jesus Arambula

  While hugging her soft, comfortable pillow, like a young cub cuddles 
with his mother, lightning struck. 
By: Jesus Arambula.

Date: Wed Nov 12, 2003 7:32pm
Subject: Juan Camahco

Jumping off the airplane, the frightened, yet exited young skydiver 
plunged toward the ocean like a bomb being dropped by a war plane 
directly onto a target.

Cheering and screaming in midair,the old, bearded man flew and 
maneuvered his new plane like an eagle soaring freely high in the sky 
for the first time.

Date: Sun Nov 16, 2003 0:20pm
Subject: Diamond-Ruby sentence

Raising his hand, trying to ask a question in his math class, Mason felt quite awkward; like a 
cat hitting a ball of red yarn.

Date: Sun Nov 16, 2003 4:20pm
Subject: Diamond

  Practicing for his marathon competition, the young eager man ran up 
the dew covered hill like an elegant gazelle running across the 
majestic fields of Africa.

Date: Fri Nov 21, 2003 6:37pm
Subject: My best sentece.

  As the number one ranked wrestler in the state entered the wrestling tournament at 
103 lbs., everyone was treating him like a famous movie star from 

Date: Tue Nov 25, 2003 8:18am
Subject: David Verde Diamond

  Rushing to hit their planes with rockets being thrown like 
meteorites crushing the Earth's atmosphere, the soldiers tried to 
overcome the enemy.

Date: Tue Nov 25, 2003 3:04pm
Subject: Diamond Sentence - Isidro Zuniga

  As the most unorthodox styled wrestler, Jacob rose to the 
occasion, like Jesus in the Resurrection.

Date: Tue Nov 25, 2003 7:32pm
Subject: Juan Camahco

  Holding his sword up in the air, the young, heroic, fearless knight 
charged screaming toward his enemy, like a huge, wild bull.

Date: Tue Nov 25, 2003 4:52pm
Subject: Juan Camahco

While screaming, the students at the carnival ran away as fast as they 
could form the big, black, rabid dog, like a herd of wild buffalo being 
chased by Indians.

Date: Tue Nov 25, 2003 11:13pm
Subject: Arambula, Jesus.

  Walking down the dark, shadowed street, the frightened old man saw 
the headlights of a big rig coming towards him like the eyes of a 
vicious, charging bull.
By: Jesus Arambula.

Date: Tue Nov 25, 2003 0:20pm
Subject: Jesus Arambula

Strutting without a care, the violent dog walked proudly down the
crowded, infested street like a wolf walking through a valley with
the wind pushing against him.
By: Jesus Arambula.

Date: Tue Nov 25, 2003 8:15pm
Subject: Jesus Arambula

Galloping through the dark, shadowed forest, the frightened messenger 
rider and his horse both saw an enormous, ferocious bear chasing them 
like a lion chases a timid, small deer. 
By: Jesus Arambula.

Date: Wed Nov 26, 2003 10:10pm
Subject: Jesus Arambula

Gazing into the eyes of his enemy, the startled solider kneeled, 
holding his stomach as the wound bled like a running river in the 
By: Jesus Arambula.

Date: Thu Nov 20, 2003 7:21pm
Subject: Marcial Gerardo

   In the center of Russia there's a church like a rose that blossomed out 
of the snow, touching the sky.

Date: Thu Nov 20, 2003 7:27pm
Subject: Mayra Cervantes

  As if Godzilla was destroying everything in its path, Arthur Miller 
fears red, deadly communism, like the citizens from the U.S. in the horrible attack  on Sept. 11.

Date: Fri Nov 21, 2003 7:35am
Subject: Re: Miroslava Aviles, Jerrry Marcial.

Feeling humbled, the black slave broke immediately into tears under the log cabin because he felt held down by the immense weight of slavery.

Date: Fri Nov 21, 2003 6:07pm
Subject: Rulin Hernandez Per 7: Here is my best sentence.

The great warrior was being courted by a beautiful women, like the wind being courted by the trees.

Date: Mon Nov 24, 2003 2:36pm
Subject: Roman Martinez

  Feeling humble, the black slave broke immediately into
tears under the log cabin because he felt an immense weight of 

Date: Tue Nov 25, 2003 10:39pm
Subject: Rulin Hernandez: Here is my Diamond Sentences

  The great warrior was being courted by a beautiful women like 
the wind being courted by the trees.

Date: Wed Nov 26, 2003 2:32pm
Subject: Claudia Ortega

   A lowly bird flying down the imperial forest
searching to find a friend to share feelings with, like 
a baby needs her mother for the first year of her life.

Date: Wed Nov 26, 2003 2:53pm
Subject: Alberto Alejandres

Richard Cory, gracefully slim, put a bullet through his head like 
the Sun sets and brings total darkness, hoping it will end 

Date: Wed Nov 26, 2003 3:00pm
Subject: Raul Rarujo

  While riding my white bike, doing a lot of tricks to imitate the 
best professionals of the world, I collided like a tree being cut down in the 

David Rosiles: 
Strutting down the road, I showed off with confidence my X-Man costume, as if I was a super hero, with my glow-in-the-dark strobe light skull,  trying to impress my friends and the ladies, like Apollo cruising down the street, with his golden chariot, reflecting off the streetlights.

Juan Balderas:
A young man walking down the street was crying with tears, like shooting stars sliding down his face.

Octavio Oralle:
As I sat in my lonely room in the middle of May, the only things I could hear were the rain drops hitting the roof like gun shots one block away.

Ocativo Oralle:

On a cold, dark night -as dark as the inside of  a black coffin buried ten feet under the cold sand on a moonless night, in a frightening forest, where no one ever walks -I met the one thing I had never expected to find.

Cosme Campos:
Hitting the sand, leaving small craters, the dirty shells of the machine gun fell out like a meteor shower.

Jesus Alvarez
While riding my black skateboard, doing tricks, to imitate the pro skaters, I collided like an asteroid into a lady wearing a red dress.

Rushing to destroy their tanks, with rocks being thrown like shooting stars smashing into the round, grey, shining moon, the soldiers tried to destroy their enemy.

Like a delinquent screaming for justice,  the boy cried for forgiveness from his mother after stealing fifty dollars.