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  Course Schedule:

Week One Steps:1 2 Adjectives / Verbs
1.      Make sure you are aware of the amount of work and writing that is required in this course.  Also, make sure you know that there will be no set number of postings you can make this semester, but that each student will be judged by the quality of his/her postings as well as by the highest number posted by any student in the class.
2.      Take a survey to let me know how you are doing
3.      Watch web cast introduction to class (1)and download WORKSHEET handout on complex sentences and syllabus.
4.      The readings of great writers also requires a grammar chart for you to collect examples of various parts of speech.
5.      You must upload your finished grammar chart.  Each student must post at my Drop Box at least twice in this week. 
6.      You are required to memorize eight parts of speech to help you write complex sentences.  These include adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, infinitives, participles, similes, and metaphors.
7.      Grasp the degree of work this course requires; analyze the value of the course.  Understand the assessment of the outcomes that will be used to grade your work. Please CONTACT me at if you have questions

Week Two Steps:3 4 Adverbs / Prepositions
1.      Continue Grammar Charts for two more great writers.
2.      Practice test of memorized parts of speech
3.      Share grammar charts for peer review.

Week Three Steps:5 6 Infinitives / Participles
1.      Continue Grammar Charts for two more great writers.
2.      Test for memorized parts of speech through web conferencing
3.      Start writing complex sentences using Grammar Chart
4.      One meeting to review Grammar charts and complex sentence

Week Four Steps:7 8 Similes / Metahphors
1.      Continue Grammar Charts for two more great 
2.      Oral testing of memorized parts of speech via web conference (including one example for each part of speech) Final submission of complex sentence. Go to Drop Box

Overall Course Objectives:
1.      The goal of this writing course is to help students create a new understanding of the importance of grammar in communication. 
2.      Students can expect to learn how to develop a personal, critical approach writing in a more detailed fashion;
3.      Develop the means needed to support a more mature writing style
4.      Understand the larger framework of our literary tradition through wide and varied example of great writers.
5.      Develop the ability to consciously control elements of style in writing;
6.      Write comfortably and effectively using literature as a springboard 

Novels Excerpts From
1.      “Young Goodman Brown”   by Nathanial Hawthorne
2.      “The Solace of Open Spaces” by Gretel Ehrlich”
3.      “The Pursuit of Happiness” by Charles Dudley Warner  
4.      “The Wood-Pile” by Robert Frost
5.      Grammar Chart handout  
6.      Heart of the Language handout