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A lifelong educator, David saw firsthand the uneven and random distribution of resources where two identically situated students could end up with completely disparate treatment. As his frustration with the inadequate support so many students were receiving continued to grow, David was asked by a co-worker for his assistance with her attempt to get her child the behavioral support that he required.


Despite being an experienced educator herself, the boy’s mother was at her wit’s end dealing with the ever-increasing communications from the boy’s school regarding his behavior. Disillusioned with the school’s response to her request for more support for her son, she asked David for his advice. After reviewing his casefile, David was able to ascertain that not only had her son’s BIP/FBA not been updated for 2 years but that the outdated plan in place could no longer be effectively executed across all classes. These issues were exacerbated by the failure to gather data collection documents from all teachers. In effect, David had determined that the current situation had placed her son in a perpetual cycle of failure by following an outdated plan that, absent a close examination by an expert like David, could not be determined to be obsolete because of their failure to collect the very data on which any plan would be evaluated and modified.


At the mother’s request, David brought his expertise to her son’s IEP team and successfully advocated for a revamped BIP/FBA. David led her son’s team including the Case Manager, LSSP and general education teacher to create a new BIP/FBA. The new plan has resulted in not only better support and performance for her son, but also more information and feedback for her so she can be actively involved in her son’s education.


Recognizing the life-changing effect that these changes had and knowing that there were so many other children who need an expert advocate to free them from a perpetual cycle of failure, David chose to be proactive and founded IEP Kids. At its core, IEP Kids believes that all kids deserve to have an effective education and recognizes that sometimes it requires someone to advocate for them. For David, the opportunity to do so for your child is his greatest honor.

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